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Etibank was established with a capital of 20 million Turkish Lira on the 14th of June 1935, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the Turkish War of Liberation of the early 1900’s as a drive of modern industrialization that brought together natural resources and the concept of finance. The company was restructured on 1/5/1998 as Eti Holding Inc. and later became Eti Maden General Directorate on 31/1/2004. The company has a capital of 100 million TL as of the end of 2010.

Named by the Great National Leader Ataturk after the Hittite Civilization, which began mining activities in the world as far back as 6,000 BC living and excelling at mining on the bountiful lands of Anatolia, Eti Maden has entered its 76th year of operations.

Eti Maden is designated by parliamentary decree to make the best use of Turkey’s natural resources and to provide the highest benefit to the Turkish economy. True to its original mission, the company has successfuly mined boron ore that is one of Turkey’s most important mineral resources and has transformed it into high added value boron products to become the leader in the global boron market.

Kırka Boron Works

These facilities are located in the Kırka region of Seyitgazi county in Eskisehir. Concentrated tincal production in the plant, where construction operations began in 1970, started in 1975 followed by the production of high value-added boron products in the Boron Derivatives Plant that became operational 1984. The plant’s open-pit mine produces an average of 2,5 million tons of 26% B2O3 raw tincal ore, which is transformed into refined products (Etibor-48) in the plant’s facilities with production capacity reaching 700,000 tons/year.

Emet Boron Works

The plant has been operational since 1958 in Emet county of Kütahya. In the facilities open pit mines of Hisarcık and Espey, colemanite ore production with 28-30% B2O3 grade totals 1,000,000 tons/year. The raw ore is enriched in the plant ready to be transformed into refined boron products. Although most of the production of the 120,000 tons/year capacity plant is used for manufacturing Boric Acid, 150.000 tons of concentrated colemanite is also used for boric acid production in the Bandırma Boron and Acid Factories, and the remainder is processed in the concentrator plant and supplied as concentrated colemanite to the domestic and international markets.

Bigadic Boron Works

The plant is located in Bigadiç County in Balıkesir. Production began in 1976 in the plant, which has three open pit mines that yield 800,000 tons/year of Ulexite and Colemanite 29-31% B2O3 grade ores. The raw ore mined from the plant’s own mines is being enriched into concentrated colemanite and concentrated ulexite since 1980 in the concentrator facilities that have attained 650.000 tons/year production capacity. Likewise, ground colemanite and ground ulexite are being produced in grinding facility since 1998 where current production capacity stands at 300,000 tons/year.These facilities are situated in Kestelek Village of Kemalpaa County in Bursa province.

Bandırma Boron Works

The plant has been operating since 1967 in the Bandırma county of Balıkesir. The plant transforms boron minerals into high value added boron products and Borax Pentahydrate, Borax Decahydrate, Boric Acid and Agricultural Boron (Etidot 67), Sodium Perborate (tetra + mono) and Boron Oxide are produced in the plant’s facilities with most of the production being exported. In addition, sulphuric acid is produced in the Sulphuric Acid Plant with a total production capacity of 240,000 tons/year.